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Safe Internet Shopping

We offer the following reminders when buying ANYTHING over the Internet:

1) When the true identity of the person or company for whom you're making a purchase can not be verified, or is hidden from plain view, be suspicious - this doesn't happen by accident - and smart people don't take chances on such websites. The same holds true if you don't see their valid physical address posted in plain sight.

    Case in point: vandaking.com (AKA pianoshowcaseonline.com) is one of many "Internet ghosts" located in Ontario, Canada. She claims on her site to have a "U.S." location in Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact, the address (2550 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV) is a UPS store and not in any way owned or operated by this website holder, as confirmed by the Nevada Secretary of State and UPS.

    Simply put, luring a customer under false pretense is dishonest and illegal, as is committing Internet click-fraud via Google, Yahoo and other search engines against perceived competition in the hope of gaining an unfair competitive edge*.
    *at least 4 well established U.S. companies in our industry confirm having specific knowledge of this activity.

2) You can check most any web addresses @ Network Solutions and click on the "whois" tab at the top of the page. Address information hidden from view may yet be another clue of someone hiding who and what they really are (or aren't). Whenever in doubt, you're always better off shopping elsewhere.
    A good check to see if someone is telling the truth about where (and who) they are is to look up the 3 digit area code for the city and state/province referenced. (i.e. 808 covers all of Hawaii - 416 is in Ontario, Canada). You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to check the validity of a business address and/or complaint history. We also suggest looking for the "terms of sale" on the website which may well detail the jurisdiction of any legal action which may be sought against the company or individual if you have a problem with the goods being sold.
3) Credit cards don't always protect you when something goes wrong. If you have difficulty with a transaction made through a company based outside the U.S,, you may have little, or no recourse as your legal options could be severely limited. This is particularly important when considering more expensive items.

4) Always be mindful that most all U.S. banks surcharge foreign transactions on your credit card as an "exchange fee" (even though the charges themselves will be in U.S. dollars). If you live in the U.S., make sure you check with your card issuer before making purchases from anyone located outside the country - the potential added costs to you may far outweigh "the good price" you saw quoted on a webpage.

5) Don't assume that icons trumpeting some unknown accolade on a website are a guaranteed "safetynet". Some so-called "award" groups on the Net are themselves suspect due to a known conflict of interest and will not likely assist you should something go wrong with your purchase.

6) Virtually any U.S. corporation or "corporate headquarters" can be easily verified. If someone claims to be a corporation and you're ever in doubt, ask what state they were incorporated - this information can be easily verified with the Secretary of State and/or by their EIN #.

7) The real test of a company is their true colors. If you've never heard of them before, never done business with them and can't seem to find anyone claiming a positive experience, check credentials (if you can find them) carefully - you may be surprised at what you find. Always remember that anyone willing to post lies on their website to steal your credit card or identity probably doesn't care much about practicing good will or honest business practices either.

Unfortunately, fraudulent practices abound on the Internet. This hurts everyone as we all pay higher prices to cover those losses. Be aware; companies or persons beyond U.S. jurisdiction may be under literally no legal obligation should you have a problem with a product or service purchased through them, no matter how much they profess to the contrary. Remember, if you don't know who they are or where they are, you could easily be another statistic.

Please shop safely.

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