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Q: Can you guarantee that I won't be solicited once I register at your on-line catalog?

    A: This is where we get to "put our money where our mouth is". We will pay $1,000.00USD to anyone who has been randomly solicited by email, phone, fax or "snail" mail as a result providing personal informaton to us via phone or on-line. We have a very strong aversion to unwanted solicitation and do not participate in such activities (we don't like spam or to be bothered in the middle of our dinner anymore than you do). It is also important to note that our On-Line catalogue and encryption software are both proprietary, giving us an extremely high degree of security on the Net for us and our customers. All sensitive information provided us for orders and login accounts is manually migrated into a secondary local system (and permanently deleted from our servers) which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to acquire personal information provided us - they'd have to physically break in our offices to get it. We own and operate our own servers, warehouse & factory. Unlike most on-line merchants, we do not rely on an ISP to house or protect sensitive information.

    The information we require for on-line registration is your name, address and phone # - you choose your own password. Credit card information provided us over the Internet is handled through a proprietary double-ended secure SSL encryption, and is only required after your order is entered. We do not require you to give credit card information on-line if you are uncomfortable doing so - in this case, please phone us to complete your order. It is more important to us that our customers are comfortable and feel safe doing business with us and know that this is, and will always be, purely their option as to how personal information is shared with us. Many people do not wish to divulge personal or sensitive information over the Net, no matter how much someone tells them it is safe. You may always call or fax orders and/or credit card information to us safely (please do not send credit card details to anyone via email). Don't want to call us or use our secure on-line catalogue? No problem - just fill out an order form and fax or mail it to us.

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