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Inquiries: 503-325-0555
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Playola - The Portable, Automatic Piano Player

Finally! A way to quickly and easily convert your acoustic piano into a fully automated player with characteristics found in no other digital player mechanism in the world!
(Solenoid rail measures only 50-3/4" long by about 3" square - Compact and completely portable: store it anywhere!

  • Will fit any 88 note grand, spinet or upright piano.
    (a quick and simple adjustment to the player fingers may be required for proper alignment to the keys).

  • All-in-one Control Tower will blend perfectly in any room. Only 32"H x 10"W x 12"D.

  • Piano solos or orchestrated use.

  • Listen to QRS MIDI CD's or regular audio CD's

  • The Playola Tower System can be used as a player piano or a high performance stereo system!

  • Easy setup - only one cable connection to make and one electrical cord to plug in.

  • Music selection is provided using the wireless remote control or full-function console.

  • MIDI compatible to play with 128 levels of full expression.

  • Compact and completely portable: store it anywhere!

  • Over 2,000 titles are available in CD format
    CD prices range from $25.00 (Piano Solos) to $55.00 (orchestrated & VCR "Sing-Along" tapes). Special discounts on multiple selections and software packages also available!

  • Never before has there been a player so easily transportable!
    Coupled with your VCR &
    TV, you can have a "sing-along" with family & friends.
    Not just a piano player, the Playola offers a complete live orchestral accompaniment.Hook up your computer for incredible versitlity and MIDI interaction.

    QRS Playola System
    (Control Rail, CD changer, Amplifier, Speakers & Remote Control)
    Manufacturers Warranty: 2 Years on Parts / 1 Year on Labor
    Unbeatable Price - $4,199.00 Delivered*
    (The Playola system normally retails for $6,750.00)
    Home hook-up version w/ mini tower (using your own stereo equipment & CD player) is available for $3,799.00 Delivered*
    *contiguous U.S. only; normal shipping charges will apply for shipments sent outside the U.S.

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