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As a matter of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I have never bought anything from your company, but I would like to get some information about making a repair on my piano. May I ask you for help?

    A: Yes. Our technical support is offered as a free public service for the asking. You may reach this department @ 1-503-325-0838 (12-3PM, Tue-Thu PT). We do not require any qualification or purchase to be made of any kind to utilize this service. If you wish to place an immediate order and need assistance to do so, please call our order desk @ 503-325-0555 (Mon-Fri, 9-4PM PT)

Q: Where is IPS located?

    A: Our warehouse, production facilities and corporate offices are located at the mouth of the Columbia river, on a 6 acre campus in Astoria, Oregon USA.
      Click here for our geographic location.

Q: How long have you been on the Net?

    A: IPS was the 1st piano supply company on the Internet. Our website went live in September of 1995.
Q: I am not a piano tuner / technician but would like to buy some felts and parts to make repairs on my piano. I have tried buying these things in the past from other companies, but they will not sell to me. Does IPS also restrict sales to non-trade persons?
    A: We do not restrict sales in any way. The only requirement we have is our minimum ordering policy (the trade-off for buying direct @ wholesale):
    Orders under $100 will incur a 5% service charge on merchandise only. At our discretion, a $10.00 handling fee will also be added on all new orders under $55.00.
    (We do not accept new orders under $25. However any item may be added to an existing backorder which has not already shipped)

Q: I am a piano technician and was wondering how your prices compare to other suppliers that I normally buy from?

    A: A great number of the products we offer (NewOctave GlobalTM parts, tools, felt/cloth, etc.) are manufactured by NewOctave Corporation (our former parent company). Our prices on the vast majority of these items are offered at base wholesale (and are significantly lower than anyone on or off the Net).

    It should also be noted that the quality of our products allow us to sell virtually all hand tools with an unlimited (and unprecedented) lifetime guarantee on all tuning, stringing & regulating tools. Among the other items we carry are genuine Ivory (new & used), a full line of piano lamps, piano covers & benches, MIDI controllers and modules, digital players, software for the Yamaha Disklavier and Clavinova at very competitive prices.

    For any of the above items and literally thousands of other products, we invite you to consult our "virtual ordering system". If there is a particular item for which you would like pricing (and don't see in our catalogue), all you need to do is ask us. We are always happy to oblige any and all requests and have the ability to fabricate most any part, felt or tool (unlike any other comany in the world). Please feel free to call or email us with your question or order.

Q: I was searching for a tuner and found lower pricing on the Net than what you show, but also noticed that you guarantee your prices. What does that mean and will you match the price that I saw?

    A: We will beat any competitors price by 10% of the difference and pay for same-day shipping on any electronic tuner, provided that
    1) the merchant for which lower pricing was found is an authorized dealer and not selling used, "scratch & dent" or returned merchandise
    2) we can verify their pricing (an outdated website ad is not proof - we must be able to contact the party to verify pricing & real-time stock availability)

    Always keep in mind that if you are finding ridiculously lower pricing on tuning equipment (particularly via the Web), this may suggest fictitious or outdated pricing. One company we know of charges 3% extra for you to use your credit card, but doesn't make this clear when ordering from them - so their prices look much better than they really are. Another company charges a $20.00 handling fee, but does not disclose this either. Additionally, on-line retailers don't always keep their pages current or may even "hold" orders in the hopes that they can collect enough pre-orders so that they can make volume purchases at more favorable costs. In this latter scenario, you may wait 4 to 8 weeks, or more for your equipment. In the meantime, the company you are making this purchase from will have use of your money as they may have already charged your credit card.

    Please be sure that if you are purchasing electronic tuning equipment from anyone that the company or person you're buying from has competency with the products they sell. Very, very few resellers have actually tuned a piano before, let alone know how to use tuning equipment properly for such an application. So the real question is: how could they know what you should use or even support you or the product after the sale? We will - and it's free.

    IPS maintains physical stock on most all tuners and in most cases, your order will ship within 24 hours. Our staff also has quite extensive field knowledge of the equipment we sell and can fully support our product line by offering unlimited free technical support to our customers - take this into consideration when purchasing technical equipment. Most dealers simply sell tuning tools & equipment without having any knowledge whatsoever of how these products actually work (particularly when it comes to piano tuning) or even what would serve your particular needs best. By the way, if you find someone on-line selling a cheap chromatic tuner with a low quality piano tuning lever, have a chuckle on us. The person who sells such an electronic toy claiming that it will aid in your piano tuning skills simply has your wallet in view and moreover, has no training in this art. Remember the old saying: more often than not, you get what you pay for.

Q: Why do I need to login at your on-line catalog to place an order?

    A: You don't - all information is available to you without registering. However, if you wish to place orders with us on-line, we do maintain login accounts for several reasons, not the least of which is security. Many of our customers (particularly those overseas) use our "virtual" catalogue on a regular basis to place orders with us and request that we bill their credit cards. By having separate login accounts, we and our customers can be assured that orders and requests to bill a credit card or charge to a customers open account with us did in fact, come from the person sending the order.

    One of the other benefits of our system being set up this way is that a customer may not want to put together an order all at one time. You can actually place some items in your "shopping cart", log off and come back a week later and your order will be just as you left it for you to continue. This is particularly helpful with larger orders where you may not have the time or desire to put everything together all at once. We know of no other company on the Net who offers this service and have been told by many of our customers that this is a very helpful conveneince.

Q: Can you guarantee that I won't be solicited once I register at your on-line catalog?

    A: This is where we get to "put our money where our mouth is". We will pay $1,000.00USD to anyone who has been randomly solicited by email, phone, fax or "snail" mail as a result providing personal informaton to us via phone or on-line. We have a very strong aversion to unwanted solicitation and do not participate in such activities (we don't like spam or to be bothered in the middle of our dinner anymore than you do). It is also important to note that our On-Line catalogue and encryption software are both proprietary, giving us an extremely high degree of security on the Net for us and our customers. All sensitive information (credit card data) provided us for orders and login accounts is manually migrated into a secondary local system (and permanently deleted from our servers) which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to acquire your information provided us over the Internet - they'd have to physically break in our offices to acquire such information. We own and operate our own servers. Unlike most on-line merchants, we do not rely on an ISP to house or protect sensitive information. Please see our privacy statement.

    The only information we require for on-line registration is your name, address and phone # - you choose your own password. Credit card information over the Internet is handled through a proprietary double-ended secure SSL encryption, and is only required after your order is entered. We do not require you to give credit card information on-line if you are uncomfortable doing so. It is more important to us that our customers know that this is, and will always be, purely their option. Many people do not wish to divulge personal or sensitive information over the Net, no matter how much someone tells them it is safe. You may always call or fax orders and/or credit card information to us. Don't want to call or use the on-line catalogue? No problem - just fill out an order form and fax or mail it to us.

Q: Do you offer billing accounts and what is your minimum order policy?

    A: We do offer billing accounts. You will find a brief application HERE which can either be mailed or faxed to us. In most cases, we can have your application approved the same day we receive it. *Overseas accounts are also avialable.
    *an irrevocable letter of credit may be required.

    As to our minimum and other details, please see our Terms of Sale which also lists a guide for shipping & insurance charges.

Q: What qualifications do you require of your piano technicians who may provide me information?

    A: We require a minimum of 10 years active practical field experience in piano technology and successful completion of written and academic testing in our own facilities previous to placement with our company. No, we don't know everything, but our experience is quite extensive and our resources almost unlimited.

Q: I have never heard of IPS. How do I know you are a legitimate company?

    A: First and foremost, we are an honor roll memeber of the BBB and place a very high level of pride in what we do. As important, our former parent company (NewOctave Corp.) is now one of the largest piano part & tool manufacturers in the world. As well, most professional organizations/manufacturers (i.e. PTG, Yamaha, Baldwin, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Disney, Smithsonian Institute) are quite familiar with our company and some in fact purchase many of our products for their own production activities. You will also find that Both The Randy Potter School of Piano Technology & The American School of Piano Tuning furnish NewOctave Global tuning tools exclusively to their students.

    Previous to our firm entering into component fabrication and distribution, many years were spent working closely with the entertainment industry as professional consultants, concert tuners and rebuilders. Our clients included CBS, United Artists and MTM studios, among others. We also were active in stage and studio work for many well known performing artists such as Spyro Gryo, Three Dog Night, Patti LaBelle, Billy Joel, Ronnie Milsap, America, Michael Franks, Shirley MacLane, Bebe & Cece Winans and George Benson.

    Our 3 regional offices covered most all of southern California and our clients spanned from Santa Barbara to San Diego on the south, and from Malibu to Palm Springs on the east. At one time or another, our technicians have worked with practically every part, tool, machine and/or accessory we carry. We know this business and our product line extremely well and currently have customers in 100 countries around the world.

Q: When I ask for technical assistance about my piano, how do I know that the information you provide me will be accurate?

    A: Any information of a technical nature provided by us will only be given by an accredited staff member who has been thoroughly trained and qualified to answer your specific question. If your query is beyond our area of expertise, we will do our best to direct you to an alternate source for the information you require. Our goal is to do the best we can so that you are successful in whatever task you wish to undertake.

    This is not to say that all projects are wise. With this said, be leary of "catch-all / fix-it-yourself" pages/e-books on the Internet for which give no qualification for their correctness (let alone the person providing it) and appear to be the answer for all pianos and all people.

Q: Who are your "qualified" piano technicians?

    A: They are individuals who have been given the distinction of RPT or RTT by the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) or other qualifying institution or recognized organization in the U.S. or abroad.

Q: Everything costs something. Why do you spend the time to help me and not charge for your time and expertise?

    A: In all honesty, no one benefits from incorrect information. We would much rather spend some time at our cost to assure that technical information and procedure is correct (even if we loose a sale in the process), than to chance possible risk of personal injury and/or damage to a piano from taking the advise of a well meaning, but possibly ill informed individual at yours. It is this premise for which we were founded. It is also what has given us the honorable reputation we now have as a truly "full service" firm. Integrity is more important than money - our staff does not work on commission and we really do enjoy sleeping at night too.

Q: I would like to fix my piano. Can I do this myself?

    A: This depends on your abilities, the instrument and what may be required for you to complete the repair / replacement. Under some circumstances, we may suggest seeking the assistance of a certified technician in your area or encourage you to forgo performing the task you contemplate, altogether. We will never knowingly jeopardize you or your piano for the sake of a sale (and yes, sometimes the piano just isn't worth it). If we can not effectively assist you by way of email, written instructions and/or telephone support, we will be up front and tell you so. Really.

    There are 3 things that are required for virtually any repair and/or replacement on your piano. They are common sense, patience and a resonable degree of manual dexterity. Beyond this, most processes do not require a "special skill", but may require preperation and practice in order to complete restoration adequately and properly.

Q: How do I know what parts I might need to fix my piano?

    A: Your best bet is to have a look at our upright & grand piano action diagrams. You can also access these pages via our secure on-line catalogue. Other technical data/information may be found at here. This is a good place to start. If you still need help or are experiencing a problem with your piano that you can't find answers to from our website, describe the issue in as much detail as possible. For replacements, such as key tops, felts or hammers, we can assist you with what may be required for you to complete repairs properly and with the least amount of effort. In some cases, supplemental written instructions will be included on products, when indicated or requested.

Q: What if I break something in the piano while attempting a repair or replacement?

    A: We do not require any pre-qualification for purchasing our products. Any damage caused by improper installation, misuse or mishandling will be at your own risk. If you are not familiar with a particular procedure, please ask us first. Having the knowledge to prevent a catastrophe is much more valuable than the lessons you will likely learn after recovering from one.

Q: I want to replace my old key tops and a missing bass string on my piano. Are these things that I can do myself?

    A: Replacing a set of key tops is rather straight forward and not all that difficult to do for most people. A parable might be replacing shelf paper in your pantry (with some modification, of course). Depending on the piano you have, removing the keys from the piano may be approached slightly differently, but the actual process of their replacement is virtually the same. If you require help, please ask us and we'll be happy to walk you through the process.

    As to replacing any string on a piano, this does require some skill (and can involve a fair amount of practice to get right). If you have never worked with piano wire before, you may not wish to take this on yourself as coiling in particular can be a daunting task (yes, we have tools to make this easier too). We do carry a couple of books which cover the subject of restringing quite well and have had many customers (who have never done this previously) complete full restringing with very good results.

Q: What if the items I buy from you don't fit or work to my satisfaction - do you provide full refunds?

    A: We are in business to provide quality products and service and above all else, want you to be happy with your purchases from us. If ever you buy something that does not fit the purpose for which it was designed, simply notify us of your desire and we will gladly issue an RMA (return merchandise authorization) - restocking fees may apply. Regardless of the reason, we'll do our best to make it right. There are a few items which are excepted and are not returnable. We encourage you to consult our Terms of Sale for specific details regarding our return policies.

The above questions were not at all contrived. They appear exactly as they were posed to us.

If you have a question that is not addressed here,
we do welcome your inquiries.
We answer ALL pertinent email.

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