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Welcome to the 1st full-service WHOLESALE* stocking piano supply company on the Internet (1995).
Our SECURE ON-LINE CATALOG ( is unparalleled, featuring thousands of piano specific products & our QUALIFIED technical support is always free - -check out our NEW lower pricing on Jansen Artist Benches & House of Troy Lamps (FREE shipping and a FREE double factory warranty)- we won't be beat on price or service!!

*Over 95% of the products ordered from IPS are offered at base wholesale and will usually ship the same day you order with us. We own and operate our production facilities and warehouse in Astoria, Oregon USA and sell direct to virtually anyone in the world. Orders are generally sent via priority mail and should arrive to most U.S. destinations in 2-3 days.

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Sure, you can find piano tuning and repair tools on-line, but do you really what you're getting from a drop-shipper who has no inventory and can't offer a manufacturers' warranty if someting goes wrong? No one comes close to our prices & IPS always stands behind everything we make and sell - that's a promise!
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Grand PianoPIANO TRIVIA Upright Piano
Think you know how many keys there are on a piano?

A) 54
B) 66
C) 88
D) 97
E) 176
(answer is at the
bottom of this page)

A very well presented discussion on Piano Tuning Techniques

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ANSWER: If you answered "all of the above", you would be correct. Most people know that virtually all pianos have 88 keys. However, Pleyel*, a company established in Paris, France and founded in 1807 once built a double grand (2 pianos in 1 case) with a keyboard at each end - hence, 176 keys. Bosendorfer makes the Imperial Concert Grand which features 97 notes (9 extra keys in the bass). As for a piano with 54 or 66 keys, this was true in a few pianos which could easily be picked up and put in the back of your car. One of these was known as "Tom Thum" (made by Kohler & Campbell) and the other was "Cameo", made by Melodigrand and controlled by the Winter Piano Co. Many of the action parts in these small pianos were actually true to form, with the exception of the hammers.
*Pleyel is now under a cooperative contract with Schimmel Piano Co,
*All shares of Bosendorfer were purchased by Yamaha Corporation in January 2008.

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