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Measuring and selecting replacement piano hammer sets

Your new piano hammer set will come to you pre-bored and shaped. Samples need not be sent us as long as the following information is provided:

Upright, Spinet & Console piano hammers only*-

1. Whether the first 10-15 hammers above the bass section are bored straight or at an angle (opposite the bass).
*all (bored) vertical hammer sets are drilled to fit a 7/32" (5.556mm) shank.

All pianos

* be sure to allow for wear and filing that may have occurred

Measurement should be taken from a hammer approximately 2/3 up the scale.

2. Give us the number of hammers in the bass section.

If you prefer us to take measurements for you, send us the first and last hammer from each section (leave shanks attached and pack securely). Samples should be numbered as they lie in the piano (1-88), starting in the bass. Also state how many hammers are in each section and provide make and serial number from your piano (if available).

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International Piano Supply, Inc.
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